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You can trust us to deliver better solutions to solve your business challenges.

Your business success is our main priority

Encode was born into the Retail industry, and the first version of our software was made together with three market leading retailers.

Since then the business needs of our customers in combination with a constant focus on innovative software development has been the guideline for how Encode has developed as a marketing work management platform. 

With Encode, you will not only get a software solution, but a truly scalable and flexible marketing productivity platform, which will enable you to reach your business goals in the most efficient way.

That is not only our own statement, but something reflected by the fact that our clients stay with us, once they have implemented the Encode platform.

Encode solves mission critical business issues:

  • Automation of as many manual work proccesses as possible
  • Scalability of the delivered solution and your ability to grow with the delivered solution
  • Controlled onboarding of absolutely all relevant stakeholders in the core workflows
  • Clear demarcation lines between IT and business
  • Short implementation projects and quick return on investment

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Maketing today is about processes and data

Since Encode was founded in 2001, the credo of the company has been that successful marketing is not only about getting some great looking marketing materials out there on the market.

It is even more about having efficient processes and workflows, automated production, the ability to meet rapid changes in the marketplace, and make all the involved stakeholders internally and externally collaborate effectively, successfully and with great precision.

Innovation is the common denominator for all disruptive companies - retailers, agencies, brands, manufacturers - and Encode is the low code platform, which will enable you to turn your innovative market approach into reality.

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Collaboration is key

At Encode we believe that in order to deliver the best Marketing Workflow Systems, we need to work as a team. Not only internally in our own organisation, but also with you, our customer, and your colleagues.

We prefer not to sit in a distant ivory tower, but to plug straight into your organisation and sit in with you and your colleagues in order to get a deep understanding of your core workflows and to be able to provide the changes and optimisations needed for your to work much more efficiently

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Relevant specialists, relevant experience

We're a team of +60 people based in Odense, London, Madrid, and Kiev working with sales, project and implementation management, system configuration, T2M consultancy, software design, quality assurance, and customer support.

Each employee in Encode is specialized within their field, and as a team we complement each other. That’s why we can offer you, our customer, 360 degrees professional services.

We have customers with various sizes, sectors and levels of complexity so we are used to blend seamlessly into different company cultures.

We approach our customers and the cooperation with you with curiosity, thoroughness and experimentation and we communicate effectively and honestly with people at all levels within your organisation.

Meet the Encoders

The Encode DNA is and has always been about being in the forefront of marketing technology and providing improved competitiveness by helping the customers make their marketing operations more efficient

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Meet the Encoders

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